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Projects: World’s first Blockchain platform to reduce bike theft

The general idea is to deter theft and make it harder for stolen bikes to be sold on, through this system a bike can be registered on the platform so that the police, government agencies and insurers would be able to track the journey and current status o



If I could describe them in one word, it’d be cooperative.

– Technical Lead, Service Industry

Projects: World’s first Blockchain platform to reduce bike theft

IoT and Blockchain-based platform for security & to deter bike thieft

We built a robust system with Blockchain ledger, which will automatically track every change to its lifecycle, making it highly auditable, trustworthy and transparent. The digital platform has Bluetooth based, a signal receiving feature which receives signals from the bikes showing the location of the bike which might be stolen/searched for. The app will pick up the signal when the bikes are present within the beacon range.
Digital regulatory compliance attained
Reduction in manual tasks
App to prevent bike theft using blockchain

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