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Grow fintech brands through bold and strategic creative, focused on searching new ways to showcase user content on digital support and envisioning the future arts.

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Our agency offers fintech app development services by making top talent widely available for rising stars in the financial market seeking uncompromised quality from the very first release.

Relax while we apply our uniquely effective matching algorithms to locate and secure just the right people for your project, taking your tech stack, budget, timeline, and other important factors into account.

With more than 10+ years
of experience, our team has
become a leader in fintech
design and innovations.

Grow brands through bold, strategic creative


As investment in fintech reaches an all-time high, we help you capitalize on the opportunity. We bring the flexible delivery of a start-up with the benefits of one of the world’s most experienced organizations to help you design, develop, and scale your fintech solution.

We grow fintech brands through
bold & strategic approach,
help progressive companies
advance by setting.

Create something with us that matters

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Digital Assets and Blockchain

With web3 enabling the efficient, transparent exchange of value online, digital assets are democratizing transactions and quickly gaining traction. We help demystify this new landscape, adapt your business, and position you for success.


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Our Fintech Expertise Includes

Open Banking

At Brandup, we support open banking trends using open APIs. Through these open APIs we are supporting our clients to build financial services and applications to improve customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation

Through RPA we help our clients to increase their productivity and real-time engagement with their customers. By leveraging the immense benefits of robots we serve our clients to automate their repetitive processes.

AI & Machine Learning

As Machine Learning is a subset of data science, we know our clients’ success on machine learning projects depends on building a reliable infrastructure, collecting suitable datasets, and applying the relevant algorithms.


In order to ensure accurate record of transactions, we help our clients embrace blockchain technology to the maximum extent. No industry has benefited from integrating blockchain into their business processes more than finance.

Conversational Banking

We help our financial clients to improve their customers’ experience through a conversational style of service using AI-powered chatbots to address most of their repetitive queries.

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