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Ready made eShop as a Product for 100 products


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Ready made eShop as a Product, with 33 specific features included. See more in full description.


Ready made eShop as a Product

  1. E-commerce platform up to 15 custom made landing pages
  2. Fully Integrated E-Commerce
  3. Full Selling Capabilities
  4. Full Shipping Capabilities
  5. 100 Products Pages
  6. Unlimited Product Categories / Subcategories
  7. Unlimited Blog Posts
  8. Customer Accounts (Registration, Login, Password etc)
  9. Sales Auto-Email Integration
  10. Login to see prices (if is needed)
  11. B2B (Simple suite)
  12. Partners Area (Basics)
  13. Coupons and other sales & marketing tools
  14. Stock notification to customers (email send to customers when a product is back on stock)
  15. Call for price tool (if is needed)
  16. Checkout on Your Domain (except if merchant service is difference like paypal)
  17. Powerful E-Commerce Analytics
  18. Unlimited Bandwidth (with our hosting service)
  19. HTTPS / SSL
  20. SEO tools for Site Visibility
  21. Optimization Tools
  22. Caching Tool
  23. CDN Connection 
  24. Legal Text (GPDR & Terms)
  25. Business Emails (5)
  26. Mobile-Optimized / Full responsive design, plus differentiations per device
  27. Many Integrations e.x. Mailchimp, Google Marketing Tools, Credit Cards, Paypal, Stripe etc
  28. Advanced Website Analytics & Statistics add-on
  29. Promotional Pop-ups and Banners
  30. Push notifications
  31. Refer a friend and other viral tools
  32. Email Marketing Suite (Newsletter Tool, Abandoned basket marketing tools and more)
  33. CRM for client management
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